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Dive Sites

In the diving area of Koh Lanta you will find water temperatures of mostly 28° to 30° C. Depending on local and seasonal conditions, the visibility in the diving areas of Ko Lanta is between 15 and 40 m. The diving areas are up to a maximum of 60 km away from Ko Lanta. Limestone cliffs towering above the water, with tropical vegetation and home to many seabirds such as salangas and frigatebirds. Underwater impressive landscapes, cliffs, grottos, crevices and coral gardens.


Dive Sites

We pick up our guests at their accommodation and take them to our diving center directly on the pier. Our crew has already brought the equipment onto the boat.

Alternatively, it is also possible to pick up and return guests at certain points on the beach by speedboat. More details in the shop.

After a boat briefing, we set off in a relaxed manner at 9:00. After a short (approx. 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the diving area) and quiet drive, we reach the dive site. Once there, you have enough time and space to set up your equipment. 

Before the dives, each group receives a detailed diving briefing; our boat crew helps with setup, putting on fins and getting in and out. Between dives, have a leisurely lunch, chat and relax.

After the dive, the dive boat will pick you up at the ascent point, so no strenuous swim back! With us you only dive with experienced diving instructors and divemasters. Before the return trip, our crew will serve fruit and drinks.

In addition to the free transfer between accommodation and hotel, we also take care of your equipment. We take care of washing, packing and storing your equipment (including your personal equipment). We want to dive and not swim a marathon, which is why the boats pick up the guests at the ascent point.

Our attentive boat crews will help you dress, board and disembark.

After returning, guests are either dropped off directly on the beach or driven back to the accommodation from the base.

One more thing: You don't get seasick while traveling on a speedboat, a speedboat doesn't roll like a large diving ship, a speedboat surfs on the water!


Koh Haa


The 6 uninhabited islands offer spectacular diving spots between eroded and jagged limestone cliffs, covered with mussels, anemones, soft and hard corals. Chimneys, caves, steep walls and an underwater cathedral, a mystical experience to dive into. A crystal clear lagoon with colorful coral gardens, ideal for both diving and snorkeling. The reefs at Koh Haa drop down to 40 meters, with the general limit being 30 meters. Koh Haa is also suitable for beginners and is the preferred dive site for courses. Koh Haa offers a variety of diving routes that depend on the wind and current. Divers will find everything the Andaman Sea has to offer here, including, with a bit of luck, large fish such as leopard sharks or a whale shark. The journey time is 30 minutes by speedboat.


Hin Daeng Hin Muang


Hin Daeng, Hin Muang is the furthest from the coast, but certainly one of the greatest diving areas in the Andaman Sea. Steep walls and gorges up to 45 meters deep with wonderful vegetation. Frequent manta sightings at the cleaning station in Hin Muang. Large schools of fish, schools of baracuda, clusters of batfish and thick moray eels can be observed here regularly. There is often a strong current in this diving area and is only partially suitable for beginners; the journey takes 60 minutes by speedboat.


Koh Rok


Two beautiful islands with extensive fringing reefs. Paradise lagoon with crystal clear water, also very suitable for snorkeling. Gigantic vase sponges, giant clams and turtles are standard here.

Huge formations of brain, table and hard corals. Home to a large population of colorful coral bass. Easy to dive area with impressive ancient hard coral reef. Here we go to the island for lunch between dives. The snow-white sandy beach, hermit crabs and monitor lizards make the lunch break an experience. 50 minute journey by speedboat.


Koh Phi Phi and Bidas

Diving area-Phee-Phee-2-300x213.jpg

The islands and rocks around Koh Phi Phi offer a variety of diving spots around the uninhabited island of Phee Phee Ley. Canyons, gorges, coral gardens, a wreck and cliffs. Overhanging rocks, crevices and windows invite you to explore. There are a large number of motifs here especially for snail lovers. Blacktip sharks (Koh Bida) and leopard sharks (Hin Bida) can be seen here frequently. Turtles, and scorpionfish and are also at home here. The diving area around Phee Phee is easy to dive. The journey takes 30 minutes.


Koh Ma


In 2021, 3 wrecks were sunk here to create artificial reefs. The first residents arrived just a few weeks later. The wrecks are at a depth of 16 to 30 meters and are easy to dive. On the island itself you can dive on the edge of the island between hard corals and boulders lying around. Especially in the shallow area you can find rare shrimps and crabs as well as fish in the nursery. Easy level of difficulty at this dive site. Travel time 20 minutes by speedboat.

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